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Why did we start ISO Delivery?

We live in a crazy time in history.

On a daily basis, we witness businesses struggling to stay viable due to the restrictions posted by government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, ISO Delivery was created to connect stranded businesses with their self-isolated customers and delivery driver altogether.

Our goal is to deliver food and essential products to people that have very minimal or no knowledge of how to shop online from their local businesses, and help businesses who have limited experience to sell online.

We hope that one day when we can hug and kiss each other again, we will remember that buying and selling online has become an essential part of life.

We operate out of Burnie, Northwest Tasmania. Our team consists of people who care about our community and with the technical know-how to bring up an e-commence business. 

Currently we deliver within the Burnie, Somerset, East Cam, Mooreville, Stowport, Sulphur Creek, Howth and Heybridge areas. 

No limitations on pick up.